History : 27th Feb/UN recognition: Sixty three years ago 27 of February became an historical day for the NGO sector worldwide – the definition of “international NGOs” was introduced for the first time in a resolution by the United Nations.

In recognition of the NGOs sector importance, value to society and all the individuals behind them worldwide that dedicate their time all year around, three years ago World NGO Day Initiative was created – a new international calendar day – which has been acknowledged and supported by various NGOs around the world.

The World NGO Day Initiative is a platform for all NGOs worldwide to share their initiatives and experiences within one and other. By collaborating, commemorating and celebrating the efforts and achievements of NGOs from all sectors, for a better future for this generation and the next ones. 

VISION : “To create a stronger better & more effective civil society worldwide through an International annual Calendar Day for NGO’s, NPO’s and CSO’s”.

MISSION : “To Collaborate, Commemorate and Celebrate the efforts and achievements NGO’s from all sectors, for better future for this generation and future ones.”

For the purpose of this day, the term NGO is used to encompass all Non Profit Organisation (NPO’s) Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) and other type of organizations within the third sector. The initiative is focused on NGO’s which support the UN and other international human right principals, and do not cultivate or promote illegal activities.